School Road Farm is the home of Jim Leap and Polly Goldman, realized in 2010 after having been dreamed of by both of us for what feels like our whole lives.  On four acres of gently sloped north-facing land in San Benito County, CA, we are pursuing ideals of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and artistic expression, with goals of contentment, joy, discovery, and sharing.

Of course, we usually fall short of these ideals and goals.  Which is okay; let’s just say that an additional goal is to laugh about our failures and learn from them, and figure out why it is now so complicated to do what millions of people have done throughout history without all this fuss.

Anyway, the idea is to share some of what we’re doing on these pages.  We hope you enjoy it.

Polly and Jim

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  1. Maureen Cain says:

    I like this photo of you two. Who is your photographer?


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  3. Nico says:

    Hi Jim and Polly! I am a young farmer working on a 10 acre organic/low-till farm in Nevada City (First Rain Farm) where I am in charge of irrigation. With the looming dry summer approaching I am being called to explore the implementation of new methods that could make us less water-reliant and feel inspired by your dry farming results. Would either of you be willing to have a conversation about your methods? Thanks! Nico


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